It was an honor for Stefano and Nancy to be asked by Paola Snaidero to team up with her during "West Week" in her West Hollywood Showroom. Guests included the editor of Architectural Digest, a representative from L.A. Magazine, The Italian Consul, The President of the Italian Trade Commission. Some of Snaidero's award winning kitchens were designed by Pinifarina who designed cars for Ferrari and other Italian sports cars. Model's from the "Mannequin's" modeled Grando's jewelry designs throughout the evening on top of kitchen cabinets accessories, which made for a creative mouth waterinng feast as guests dined on Prosciutto, Prosecco and Parmigiano. Snaidero Award Winning kitchens sparkle like the finest gems. The quality of Snaidero Kitchens and Grando jewelry is evident due to their Italian craftsmanship and design.

The Mannequin's modeling Grando jewelry designs displayed on top of Snaidero Cabinets. Stefano is joined by Dario Snaidero the chairman of Snaidero U.S.A., Honorable Diego Brasioli Consul General of Italy. Entertainment attorney David Roland & Nancy Grando in front of a Snaidero Kitchen Cabinet.
Dr. Tom Marinaro & Paola Snaidero Sabrina Parisi, PHD. GianCarlo Meazzo, & Paola Snaidero. Actress Dina Marone star and writer of the phenomenal one woman show "The Italian in Me" with a friend. jewelry is evident due to their Italian craftsmanship and design.