Sabrina Parisi is recognized for her many talents. She was a rocket scientist turned Beverly Hills socialite. Leading fashion houses, such as Cavalli and John Galliano dress her from head to toe. Sabrina has appeared on the cover of International Magazines, Italian TV and is featured in HBO's film documentary about her life with her World Champion Yorkshire Terriers who find homes in celebrity havens. One segment of the HBO documentary was shot in Grando's factory where Sabrina's shopped with her yorkie who pawed his preference of gems!

KODAK THEATRE Hollywood, CA. Sabrina is wearing a John Galliano silk coulotte outfit accessoried with Grando's Venezia Collezione. Genesis Awards Beverly Hills, CA. Sabrina in Cavalli & Grando Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. Sabrina & Mozart. Sabrina is wearing Cavalli and Grando