"As a Graduate Gemologist in Southern California, it is a pleasure to have such an innovative and capable craftsman such as Stefano Grando personally assist me in designing new jewelry and redesigning antique and estate pieces.  I (even) turn my clients over to his capable hands without hesitation.  My confidence in him and his integrity allows me the freedom to have Stefano communicate directly with my clients. This confidence transfers to my clients who have nothing but praise for his talent and honesty."

Sandy Cooper


"I am the proud owner of a beautiful cushion-cut diamond engagement ring, their lace and diamond earrings and a custom-made purple heart necklace (PURPLE HEART is my husband's last movie). I can't say enough good things about the Grando's craftsmanship, presentation (the boxes are amazing!!) and customer service. Stefano Grando brought the diamonds personally to my house and helped me chose MY stone, he accompanied me to the office who would do the estimate for the insurance and he has personally repaired some old pieces which needed attention. Their pieces are perfectly crafted. I think they are the absolute best in town, what else can I say...."

Laura Sittoni, Private Client

"I have been a client of Stefano Grando for several years.  He has not only beautifully repaired and restored numerous vintage pieces, but has also created custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  His workmanship is excellent, and his aesthetic is always visually pleasing; in fact, the result often exceeds one's expectations. Moreover, Mr. Grando displays the utmost integrity and professionalism in his working relationship."

Jacqueline Gilbertson, Culture Capsules President